Video Trends Guide 2017

The video era has arrived. Find out what's next.

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We crunched the numbers—13.6 million downloads, 56 million searches, and 1.8 million uploads—to find the hottest emerging trends in video. The results show a surge in demand for hyper-real, first person perspective, largely driven by consumer technology.

VR and 360° Video

The first-ever virtual reality and 360° stock video landed in our library last April, and since then our 10,000 contributors have taken the format to new heights. When looking for VR footage, users also search for relaxation, timelapse, Los Angeles, Times Square, and aerial.

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GoPro Footage

Demand for GoPro footage saw a huge spike in the past year—proving the portable cameras to be real video heroes. The action-packed POV clips users search for most include the terms driving, spherical, road, and motocross.


Mobile and Social

From feature-length documentaries to group selfies on Instagram, there is no stopping the proliferation of mobile media. The cameras on our smartphones and tablets are making it easier than ever to break into video production—and artists want content that represent this new reality.

Family +336 %
LGBT +317 %
Diverse +172%
Lifestyle +185%

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