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Starscapes and moonrises

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With two supermoons on the horizon in 2018, celestial events will continue to be a hot topic throughout the year. Discover what’s next with our 2018 Trends Guide.

Time-lapse footage of a waning crescent...

Bright aurora borealis northern lights realistic movement snowy mountains Iceland 4k

night sky stars milkyway on mountains background

Time lapse of moving stars over the mountain

milky way time lapse

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fly through outer space nebula and stars

Solar eclipse Time lapse

Night Sky Shooting Star

Aurora Borealis time lapse

Night Sky Stars Time-Lapse Palm Springs

stars galaxy. Milky way.


Time lapse footage of Milky Way galaxy & shooting stars in summer night

Time Lapse Stars Over Scotland

4K Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire 4252

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Monument Valley Night Timelapse

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A cinematic wide evening establishing shot over 42nd Street in New York City during a "Manhattanhenge" sunset event.

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A dramatic wide evening establishing shot over 42nd Street in New York City during "Manhattanhenge."

Star Time Lapse, Milky Way Galaxy at Night

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Looking Up at Stars Through Trees

Shooting stars in dark polar night sky with bright neon green purple northern lights aurora borealis in 4k time lapse

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Crescent Moon

Clouds moving over Stonehenge

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Astronaut in outer space against the backdrop of the planet earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

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Traveling through a galaxy and star fields in deep space.

City Lights Stars to Sunrise

Slider shot of Icy Alaskan Shoreline

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Color Formations in Space

Blazing Shooting Star Falling Meteor Night Realistic

devils marbles/ karlu karlu star time lapse

Milky Way Time Lapse at Jumbo Lake, Colorado

4K Strawberry moon ascending into the sky

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fly through outer space nebula and stars

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Scenic Starry Sky Joshua Tree Silhouette

Warp bubble, space-time bubble

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Shooting Galaxy

Time-lapse. Stars in the night sky. Movement of stars

Vasquez Rocks Stars Timelapse

Star Trail Over Mount Kinabalu Peak. Timelapse.

Full Moon - Solstice June 2016 - 4K

uluru star time lapse

Shooting stars in the night sky

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Dawn Breaking Over Rock Arches

Double Arch Star Lapse

stars waterfall night

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Joshua Tree Star Nightlapse

Georgia Guidestones Sunrise, 4 Days after Winter Solstice. Editorial Use Only.

night time timelapse of the stars in the sahara desert morocco

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