Storyblocks Video Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Here is what the press and some of our 90,000 customers have been saying about Video Blocks:

James Simpson of Royal Opera House

Video Blocks is a useful tool for finding content when you are developing ideas. Sometimes you don't want to make something from scratch when you are just trying something out with the design team and so we use Video Blocks to find something good that will demonstrate an effect to us. This is a great time saving tool as the website is quick to use, easy to navigate and has a wide range of content that means we can always find something that works for us. As Video Blocks expands we find more uses for it and we can always rest assured that on any project we have this great tool to back us up.

Tom Frank of KMVT CBS 11

Video Blocks helps give us a "big city" look with our "small city" budget!

Mark Kellner of Isle of Faith UMC

I've been using Video Blocks for nearly a year to create worship backgrounds congregational singing and countdowns for every service. The quality and variety of the clips, as well as the convenient (and quick!) download format makes my job so much easier, and we always have fresh content.

Nina Medeiros of Media Awareness Project

As a non-profit that teaches kids to produce socially conscious video, Video Blocks is an excellent and affordable value that allows us to offer our kids a wide range of footage and production music as well as after effects they would not otherwise have access to. We love it!

Scott Edington of Stencil Media

Stock footage has always been a major expense for us on any project. With Videoblocks, we don't have to worry about these costs as everything is included in our subscription. Video Blocks helps us to keep costs down, increase profits and deliver a fully featured project for our clients without having to cut corners on our creative vision. I'd recommend their subscription service to anyone that works in video production.

Evelyn G. of EYNEX Studios

We are immensely grateful to Videoblocks. Being a recent start up, its challenging to find all good things at once place for an online video production company like ours. Thanks to Video Blocks for the incredible stock footage and production music at affordable prices. Our clients love the videos we make. Highly recommend Video Blocks for your stock footage requirements.

Dixon Johnston of WRIC ABC 8

Video Blocks is a tremendous value. Its a fraction of the cost of what we used to pay for a DVD stock and motion background libraries, and the Video Blocks selection is thousands of times bigger. Its a great resource when time and budgets simply don't allow for custom animations, clips and backgrounds.

Bryan Michael Stoller, Author of Filmmaking for Dummies

Video Blocks rates are a lot more reasonable than the other companies, and a lot less confusing (no paperwork, releases etc.). Please feel free to mention that the author of "Filmmaking for Dummies" uses and recommends you!

Alan Peil of KEVN Black Hills FOX

I use Video Blocks on an almost daily basis for my job in the video production industry. The site is an essential tool that I wouldn't want to live without, it makes my job sooo much easier. We have a very limited budget, and limited man-power in our (very) small market station, and shooting stock footage is just not something we have the resources to go out and shoot on a regular basis... Video Blocks solves this problem for us very well. I can't count how many times a client has asked for 'this shot' or 'that shot' and Video Blocks has come to the rescue! I'm a subscriber for life.

Alan Gilbertson of G&G Creative

I like Videoblocks' no fuss, no muss approach. The site is a very handy way to find inexpensive assets when budgets and time are limited. We're happy to see the expanding catalog, and we'll be using the service for a long time to come.

Clovis Long of Mustache Power Productions

Video Blocks enriches the quality of the videos we make, while saving us time and money. It's always the first (and usually the last) place I look for b-roll.

Terri Lynn Link of AbyGal Productions

As an Independent Producer, I am always looking for extra stock HD video clips, audio jingles and effects to add to my productions. I am extremely pleased with the quality, affordability and ease of obtaining royalty-free material from Videoblocks. Every time I find a new download to add to a project, it's like 'where's the LOVE button?'

George Bien of The Achievement Center

I have been a member of a number of video downloading websites. When I discovered Videoblocks, I cancelled my other subscriptions. There is no need to go elsewhere. If you can't find it on Videoblocks, it's probably not out there. Video Blocks makes it easy! Great video clips for virtually any genre.

Bill Lae of LightForm Productions

I'm a Hollywood VFX and GRFX producer, and I wish I had this stuff sooner. Video Blocks is a diamond in the pile of stock footage libraries out there. Don't let the price fool you. They've got awesome stuff in that library, and it's by far the best bang for the buck going. I've paid a lot more for a lot less. This library is a no brainer for ANY visual creator from amateur through professional.

Dave Larson of

With Videoblocks' pricing and continuous growing archives, they have become my first stop for stock footage, effects, and music library needs. They have become my Swiss army knife of broadcast resources.

Scott Goldman of Love Home Productions

I find Video Blocks to be an easy and convenient way to get quality B-roll clips. I like the fact that they are a subscription service. It allows me to think more creatively because I don't hesitate to add an extra shot without adding anything extra to the budget.

Edwin King of

Video Blocks allows me to offer value added content to clients projects which we otherwise would have to create and shoot ourselves or do without. The Video Blocks content gives our work a professional big budget appearance that small productions could never previously achieve. It provides a decidely competive advantage for our company.

Russell Albert of Command Shift Media

In the media production business, resources are everything. Thanks to Videoblocks, our small but competent company is given access to the content we need to succeed.

Jose Caban of LightFace Media

I no longer have to keep a library of B-roll, sfx and templates on a server or every machine. With Video Blocks a library 10x larger with 10x the quality of the one I accumulated over the years is now just a few clicks away. I love that I can send client to Video Blocks and have them audition clips / music to their hearts content and I just download them for the next edit session.

Paul Verbitsky of Blue Chip Films

At first we thought Video Blocks was a joke. How could this be? We've used clips in everything from TV series and specials to spots and corporate content. Always there in pinch and when the client or network says 'well, you'll need to take out all that footage and replace with still' we tell them to stick it...because we've got a library. Then you're a hero and although nets and agencies forget everything you've done for them above and beyond ... they will always remember that you're the place with unlimited assets. Love this site!

Russ Fairley of Russ Fairley Productions Inc.

We spend thousands every year on stock footage, backgrounds, AE templates, music, sound effects and more. With Video Blocks we can finally pay one price and download as much as we need. No more worrying that a revision will cost an extra $200 - with Video Blocks we can count on high quality footage, great templates and music and more, all at one easy price.

Tony Brueski of

The selection of stock clips, AE templates and music cuts is stunning! I'm always shocked by how many NEW cuts are added each month. Video Blocks has become a key resource for the video production area of our company.

Angela Mitchell of Paranoid Public Relations

Video Blocks offers all the tools you need to add polish and a big-budget look to your project. Its effects and stock music libraries are some of the best you'll find anywhere.

Mark McCarthy of Starkey Hearing Foundation

Video Blocks has been a lifesaver in times when I need that clip, transition, and lower thirds at the last minute .. Several times ... Well worth the small investment ... I will continue to have Video Blocks an active partner.

Kyle Sloane of Fellowship Health Resources

We use Video Blocks for much of our stock footage and production music. Their wide selection is great for finding exactly what we want. They provide excellent materials to work with at a great price.

David Johnson of First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow

Video Blocks has been a life saver time and time again. It was an affordable subscription that I purchased for one project, and have found myself returning over and over for more footage. It's unreal that this quality of footage exists for this price. I almost feel like I'm stealing. Thanks, Videoblocks!

Pam Sharp of Grace Christian Fellowship of Poplar Bluff

We have gone from making announcements live to filming them using lots of backgrounds and lower thirds from Videoblocks. This has become a fun part of our service rather than a necessary evil. We also love using the production music for our various drama needs. We definitely feel we get a good deal for the money invested.

Mark Yarger of Faith Life Church

Video Blocks is a great resource for many video production needs. I've taken advantage of footage, music, special effects and elements time and time again. It's very easy to navigate and download the products you're looking for and I've yet to find anyone who can offer a better price for this type of product.

Julie of Van Dyke Church

Our Childrens Ministry team has created great video curriculum pieces and we couldn't have done it without Videoblocks. It's affordable, easy to use, and provides us with countless options in the creative process.

Dan Mingo of Sherwood Baptist Church

Video Blocks footage is great for a house of worship and the variety of events going on in your church. Totally worth the price - this is money well spent!

Annemarie Maryon of Cornerstone Church

I use Video Blocks at least once a week for motion backgrounds for lyric display during services, Voice Over segments in my Pastor's Video Blog and also in Ministry Promo Videos shown on Sunday mornings. But not only do I utilize their video clips, I also incorporate their sound effects and music. I highly recommend this website for anyone on a budget looking for that extra punch to take their videos to the next level.

Tim Johnson, Emmy Award-winning Motion Graphic Artist,

I’ve used clips from Video Blocks extensively in projects ranging from Top 30-market broadcast promos to direct-to-web episodes. Fantastic quality!

Lorraine of

I’ve been using and recommending Footage Firm for a long time. Their video clips are fantastic and affordable.  Now, they have put together an even better deal with  Unlimited downloads of over 30,000 clips for an incredibly low monthly price.

John Dickinson of Motionworks

Overall, for the convenience to download whatever you want, whenever you want and for a low price, Video Blocks is a good design resource that with some additions over time could prove to be quite valuable. The 7 day free trial at least is a no-brainer, allowing you to download 20 clips a day for 7 days, so you can try before you subscribe.

Matthew Pessoni of Gemini Production Group provides essential video clips for our corporate productions. The quick search and easy access along with simplistic pricing makes our first stop for HD stock video.

Kyle M. Lake of Prosper Media Group, Inc.

Video Blocks is a definite game changer when it comes to online media content for production. The value and overall quality of material simply cannot be touched.

Dave of New DVD Creations

It's hard to believe offers so much for so little. With such a huge selection of video clips, as well as backgrounds and effects, is a 1-stop shop for anybody authoring their own DVDs.

Brian Satchfield of Digital Media Services

For producers and editors who use even a limited amount of stock footage for their projects, is a value thats hard to beat. Their ever-expanding collection of high-quality, useful clips makes one of my first stops when looking for a stock clip for my projects. I can make use of the entire collection for the price of what most stock footage providers charge for a single clip.

Bruce Tokars, Co-founder and video producer of Salmon Water Now

Video Blocks material has become an important part of our productions. We are often writing scripts to specifically work in ways to include some Video Blocks visuals. Footage available from Video Blocks has made the telling of the stories we produce better, and memorable. Thanks for making it available!

Steve of Ortsac Productions

Great footage at a resonable cost! has gotten me out of several jams on last minute projects with a simple click & download away. My hats off to and their team!

J. Michael Long of JML Multimedia

Stock footage is an intricate part of my documentary film making. Video Blocks is the first site I look at for these images. The quality is suburb and in seconds I have what I need!

Alan Bailey of AkzoNobel is tremendously useful to us, especially in those critical last minute edits when we need a clip real fast.

Dr. David Smith of imaginACTION Melbourne

Video Blocks is a very professional and useful resource for filmmakers. High quality content at such a reasonable price is a real boon.

Dave Bradley of Sound Foundation Productions

A great resource thats available anytime, anywhere!

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