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Amazon Alexa (Echo) lights up as it is voice-activated in a bedroom (darker background). - For editorial use.


Closeup of hands writing a note. A to-do list.

Pretty older woman takes a deep breath and looks around her surroundings at park


Reverse of man walking under a bridge, through a tunnel.


Older man with tired eyes puts on glasses against a wall.

Closeup of a happy young adult as she smiles and laughs into the camera.

Elderly African American homeless woman looks directly into camera with sad eyes

Ring Doorbell lights up a blue ring once doorbell is rung. - For editorial use.

Overhead of toilet flushing and water spinning clockwise down.


Older woman looks up and smiles into camera in her home.

Amazon Alexa / Amazon Echo in Kitchen with blue light - For editorial use.

Amazon Alexa / Amazon Echo is on a table near Window. Activates. - For editorial use.


Golden Milk in a rustic green mug on a wooden table as hands come in to hold it.

Black businessman looks into camera with sad and serious look on his face.

Beautiful older woman power walks on a trail through the forest.

Frontal shot as older woman walks to work downtown.

African American businessman works on iPad and iPhone in outdoor cafe - tech!

Tilt down reveal of Amazon Echo Dot as it sit on a desk and lights up blue. - For editorial use.

Older woman looks into camera with serious stare.

Older woman enjoys a walk through a park.

Elderly homeless woman looks into camera with knowing stare.

Older woman strolls through a park with a look of wonder and happiness.


Overwhelmed and worried man looks into camera in a portrait under a pier.

Young woman smiles into camera with a big smile.

Closeup of African American man looking into camera and then smiling.

Young depressed man sits on rocks in a marina.


A hand in front of a wooden backdrop counts to five with fingers.

Senior citizen homeless woman walks up to a bus stop and sits down.

Tilt down reveal of artisan Avocado Toast as olive oil drizzles on top.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star - 2 Shots! - Donald Trump - Editorial Clip


Confused elderly man is lost, in front of white backdrop.

Portrait of an elderly African American homeless woman on the street.

Businessman tired and sweaty on a hot day, drinks water from a bottle.

Young African American woman reading a book on a lunch break

Homeless woman looks into camera with annoyed look and hides.

African American woman runs full speed across a bridge. Dynamic shot.

Ring Doorbell records video once doorbell is rung. - For editorial use.

Closeup of a woman's pained and worried face looking into camera.

Overhead of two hands breaking apart dried seaweed. Healthy.

Businessman on phone on overpass - cars pass below.

Old homeless woman walks downtown.

Extreme close up of woman's eyes as she smiles.


Hands come into frame and open a jar of pickled vegetables.


Older woman laughs into camera with a big smile and laugh.

Closeup of African American hands cutting celery.

Closeup of African American man thinking and talking on phone.

Wide angle closeup of Amazon Echo Dot activating with a blue light after command - - For editorial use.

Portrait of emotional African American homeless woman looking in camera dejected

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