8351 Clips Moldova

Cold smoky background slowly moving and spreading. Cloud of dense smoke floating in space. Abstract shot of fog.

Beautiful abstract warm lens flares on black background. Perfect as overlay on your own footage

Cold flickering light leaks moving fast over a black background. Abstract light in motion for transition purposes.

Futuristic medical screen scan. Blue light DNA, brain, skeleton and body scan

Man caress his beard thinking about something and suddenly gets an idea. Stylish hipster man elated because of a new idea in his mind.

Freelancer working with an editor on some footage in professional editing and coloring applications

Economy crisis - young worker getting fired from his job. He packs everething in a box and leaves with an elevator

Young caucasian man making I don t know gestures to the camera isolated on yellow orange background

Rack focus from scientist digital tablet PC to researcher desk working on a computer with advanced scan

Dynamic lens flares on black background. Put them in overlay mode on your own videos

Moody portrait of a sad womans face and a burning candle. A tragedy happened and the young girl is in sorrow and grief.

Amazing nebula and space footage of a planet passing the frame and gets out of it. Cosmos and exploration

Flying in space through stars and nebulas. 4K animated footage of space and travel

Personal computer with big green screen chroma mock-up on the table in living room of the house. Dolly slider 4K footage

Doctor taking notes and studying from a 3D animated brain scan. Modern facility. Future of neurology

Professional colorist and video editor working on new music video in post production house

Pensive guy thinking and having an idea isolated on orange yellow background in studio. Copy Space available

Abstract warm flare light glows over a dark background. Beautiful warm light overlay effect.

Young pretty woman looks confused and then gets an idea. Beautiful young woman gets excited after remembering something.

Warm light transition effect for your footage. Soft bright light flares on a dark background.

Sadness and grief in the eyes of a woman. Lonely woman crying after her boyfriend left her. Broken heart.

Abstract dispersing and moving clouds of colored smoke over a black background

Abstract golden bright light glows over a dark background. Beautiful warm light overlay effect.

Doctor looking at 3D brain scan on the monitor of his computer in modern office or research center

Zoom in shot on a computer screen with chroma mock up on a desk in the living room.

Fumes of smoke over a black background. Dense, white smoke and fumes over black background in studio. Use this stock footage as overlay on your own projects. Available in 4K resolution.

Getting fired - office worker packs his things in cardboard box and leaves the room

Warm light leaks in motion. Beautiful warm light visual effects for transitions.

Warm light flares on dark background. Abstract light leaks for overlay footage. Background light effect.

Attractive woman disguised as a witch dances with a glass of blood at a halloween party. Friends gathered at a halloween party in scary costumes.

Man thinking of something and gets enthusiastic finding a solution. Rises his finger up when he gets a good idea. Handsome attractive man with beard.

Working in modern and well equipped laboratory. Women scientists in laboratory analyse a sample using a big industrial magnifying glass

Creative designers office - team works simultaneously on different projects. An engineer at his desk uses 3D software to analyse a prototype of wind turbine

Beautiful suffering woman holding her head in her hands. Sadness in the eyes of a woman receiving bad news.

Handheld shot of professional video editor at her workstation talking with a colleague. Professional video editing and coloring software

Financial corporate strategy team concept. Top view meeting of business partners talking about sales and analyzing graphs and charts.

Lens flares effects on black background in studio. Works as overlay on your own videos

Angry girlfriend finds out her boyfriend is cheating and slaps him at a romantic date. A couple breaking up. Young woman leaving the date dissapointed.

Man sits at a desk holds his smartphone with green screen on. Looking at the phone screen while at work. Office concept.

Man watching a big green mock-up screen TV in the living room. 4K footage

Soft warm light pulsing over a dark background. Sun effect to use over your footage. Warm light flares on a dark background.

Blue smoke over a black background in studio. Use as overlay in your own projects. Slow motion.

Concentrated corporate worker in business suit reads an email then disagrees and starts typing a reply. Big windows and rainy day

Male hands pouring souce and seasoning avocado salad in restaurant kitchen

Rising clouds of white abstract smoke over a black background in studio

Gold light leaks abstract effect on a black background. Beautiful warm light in motion to use asa a overlay.

Turning a piece of chicken breast meat from one part to another on the grill in restaurant kitchen

Beautiful abstract lens flares over a black background

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