575 Clips Russia

Inspiring and wanderlust adventure lifestyle aerial drone shot of nomad traveller man in authentic wool hipster sweater and beanie stand with his back to camera. Romantic and creative vibes

Young beautiful romantic and dreamy looking woman in native traditional clothing, linen cotton long dress runs slow motion in blossoming fields or pink and purple lavender flowers in france

POV of masculine and manly motorcycle driver driving his vehicle through the windy mountain empty road in beautiful scenery on summer day full of thrilling adventures, with light leaks and flares

Handheld shooting, young brunette girl walks inside park labyrinth and turns around in the end with smile Beautiful susnset time

Hipster millennial pet owner with tattooed arms trains his basenji breed dog to do tircks. Cute brown puppy gives high five with paws to man in white clean room, funny and healthy snack

Cinematic inspirational video of young woman travelling by car or camper van, opens window to breathe fresh air of countryside, moves hand in wind. Sings melody of song, summertime vacation vibes

Camera moves through dark and moody tunnel with shimmering neon or led lights, underground bunker or bomb shelter, creepy and spooky vibes of empty corridor, darkness and fear concept

Dramatic slow motion of huge big waves smashing on concrete barrier wall that protects small marina at strong heavy winter storm in sea, early morning or evening low light time

View from nose of old vintage sailing ship waving in deep blue sea with ropes and maintenance thing in air

Free and independent young empowered woman or happy teenager student finally free business from office or exams runs away into sunset on empty beach. Excited and inspired to start new life beginnings

View of terminal of busy important bussiness international hub of airport, tourists, travelers and executives rush to gates for check-in. Concept meetings, connectivity and globalization

Super close focus on micro 3d printer head at work, printing small details with white filament, quickly moving inside glass box, futuristic shot. Industrial business concept, left side view

Young adventurous brave female, beautiful woman in outdoor gear during camping or hiking trip in wild nature, walks on edge of mountain, watches sunset, inspiring wanderlust location

Young nomad, travel blogger, or adventurous tourist woman sits on edge of cliff high on mountain top, watches beautiful mesmerizing inspiring sunset. concept hiking or camping outdoor lifestyle

Excited, positive and amused proud owner of stack of euro bills makes it rain by throwing money in the air. he is happy and wants to spend the stash on pleasures of life, smiles confidently into

Small hybrid or completely zero emission electric car vehicle drives through epic beautiful mountain road in sun filled forest with pine trees. Concept new generation road trip

Serious and mad young ppretty beautiful woman or student, sways her finger in disapproval and disappointment, says no with gestures and face expression, no way movement, not happening

Poor young girl suffers from pain in her belly lying on big sofa at home. Blonde female teenager has strong ache because of her period, spinning on sofa and hopelessly looking advises in internet

POV shot of blogger or freelance creative professional work remotely from office on laptop on car passengers seat, goes through social media content, videos and photos. Concept nomad lifestyle

Dark corridor with neon beaming lights, leads to bright screen, full of obedient and passive people, negative view of media and technology dominated future. mass media crowd control

Hand held soft focus shot of beautiful brown small dog giving high five with paw to young girl with hipster tattoo, performs tricks in exchange for healthy meat snack for pets

Amazing inspirational epic drone footage of deep and wild green pine forest high in mountains or european alps, protected national park or reserve. Clouds roll over peaks. Wanderlust destination

Super close focus on micro 3d printer head at work, printing small details with white filament, quickly moving inside glass box, futuristic shot. Industrial business concept, front view

Drone follows winding and curvy mountain side road in iceland or norway, camper van drives slowly to camping ground, enjoy view and vacation summer mood. Adventure outdoors vibes

Two young freelance millennials on casual meeting

POV of handlebar, cockpit, brakes and gears of a professional road bicycle descending smooth road tarmac on a fast thrilling descent during the training for the race

Close up soft focus shot of beautiful brown basenji pure breed dog yawning in cute manner on camera, his owner hipster man with arm tattoos pets and caress his slick healthy fur

Three road cyclists ride down mountain in line formation, drafting in aero dynamic positions to save energy and speed. Beautiful sunset over city landscape in background

Amazing inspirational epic drone footage of deep and wild green pine forest high in mountains or european alps, protected national park or reserve. Clouds roll over peaks. Wanderlust destination

Group of three professional bike athletes cyclists climbs up steep hill on outskirts of big city. After work exercise routine, training plan to stay in shape for race or competition

Slow motion drone shot of camera following infinity or eternal road or bridge going into horizon on mirror relfection of water of lake or bay, ocean or sea. Concept calm, tranquility or escapeism

Smiling girl in coat and scarf is swiping photos or feed on her phone at night street, smart phone screen lits her face with white light

Cute playful french bulldog in living room

Over shoulder shot of group of friends enjoying dinner at italian restaurant, man cuts pizza with slicer knife. Food sharing and splitting bill concept. Delicious organic dish with fresh ingridients

Aerial shot from drone flying toward sunset sun in ocean next to mountain cliff edge with two small girls standing and watching beautiful endless view at summer evening time with pinky dramatic sky

Camera follows hipster millennial young woman running up to road side on top of mountain summit, jumps on top of rocks, raises arms into air, happy and drunk on life, youth and happiness

Aerial drone footage of mesmerizing colorful bright pink and purple lavender fields in pantone of year. Epic beautiful natural wonder. Sunrise over farm flower plantation, dreamy destination

Close up of man at food truck or fast food chain restaurant deep fies french fries in boiling oil. COncept obesity and dangers of overeating and high calories in proccessed food

Aerial drone shot of camera following empty spooky and creepy fog or mist covered road in beautiful epic landscape of iceland mountains. Fresh tarmac or asphalt, concept adventure

Kitchen worker at foodtruck at festival or street vendor serves french fries, fried potatoes or wedges into individual serving cups. Concept fast food, calories and saturated oils and sugars industry

Charming and dreamy romantic aerial drone shot of young woman in beautiful white dress walks away into distance in field of endless violet purple lavender plants. Sunset of romantic getaway location

Pov view, subway train starts his moving from one station to other in the end, through curved web of city underground tunnels, meeting another train in the middle of his travel

Top view from height on demolition or costruction side, building machines and vehicles destroy old building into debris. Escavator at work and heavy machinery, people on duty

Aerial drone footage of camera fly over beautiful secluded and empty sunset filled pine forest road. National park exploration and travel destination for tourism and wanderlust inspiration

Millennials and fashion trendy woman and man walk their dog around national mountain park during sunset hours, inspirational and dreamy romantic date, loving and caring relationship

Epic aerial view from bird eyes on mountain serpentine road at sunny beautiful day, man in small red vintage convertible car chasing girl on retro motorbike at sunset summer day

Aerial drone video of cyclist in white helmet and casual clothing ride up and down winding beautiful mountain road during warm summer sunset. Reach for goal or success, achieve your dream concept

POV stabilized camera moving through empty wooden boardwalk at beach on warm summer day. Beautiful calm and tranquil escapeist shot of quiet futuristic travel destination place, meditation or yoga

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