9495 Clips Ukraine

Two scientists standing and looking at tablet during the conversation on a factory

Dolly shot of the interior of a data center with glowing circuit board lines running along the wall

Medium shot of a doctors discussing brain damage diagnosis at a digital screen with a 3D image of a brain

Group of soldiers or spies in dark room with large monitors and advanced satellite communication technology launching a missle. Includes flashing yellow light

Police officer arresting criminal, putting him on car trunk and reading rights for him

Slow motion of silhouette of unrecognizable man walking downstairs with cobwebs at day in background of sun light

Men in military uniform with guns sitting behind rock shooting and fighting. A bomb explodes nearby and soldiers fall into the trench

Back view of people working and managing flight in mission control center. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Contemporary multiracial man and woman with tablet walking in server room corridor diagnosing hardware

Men with headset working in call center in modern worldwide office he talking and looking on screen of desktop computer solving the client's problem

Side view of modern IT engineer using tablet and laptop setting servers in data center while working on mining farm

Couple of famous actors giving autographs on red carpet of celebrity event

A close up shot of a woman reading from her smartphone and crying while watching the rain throuth the window

Medium shot of a man and a humanoid robot shaking hands

The guy does exercises on the exercise machine

Group of scientists investigating hurricane as consequence of global warming on earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Wide movement stabilized shot forward of an empty corridor in a data center in server room inbetween server racks with a lot of hanging cables

Slow motion of soldiers on battlefield and aiming with guns. The soldier is wounded and he is saved by other soldiers covering

Medium shot of doctors talking and taking notes during a meeting

Two scientists discuss the trajectory of the shadow of the solar eclipse moving along the surface of the Earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Medium shot of an engineer fixing wires on robot control while his colleague is monitoring

Medium shot of production crew cueing the team to start camera roll

Group of scientists investigating hurricane as consequence of global warming on earth. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Police officer arresting a perpetrator in a hoodie holding him down on the ground after catching him in an illegal act or crime

Medium shot of a volunteer team packing donated food and other goods

Jobless man wearing suit begging for money in street

Multiracial group of volunteers taking care of nature ecology and picking garbage in plastic bags cleaning ground.

Medium shot of three scientists watching monitor and analyzing

Medium shot of technicians working on a laptop in a data center full of rack servers running diagnostics and maintenance on the system

Side view of social media agents taking interview from male politician on international meeting

Silhouette of man looking through telescope

husband gives wife money

The blurred African robber aiming with the gun to the camera

Rack focus shot from heart monitor to sleeping elderly male patient

Low angle shot of silhouettes of three cool soldiers standing in nature in a row

White glowing android robot walking in server room of data center using tablet and working with hardware in racks

Medium, slow motion shot of a masked hacker walking through corporate data center with rows of working rack servers

Young man and girl in glasses sharing ideas and working on video editing on computer doing montage and color correction

Businessman eating and talking with poor homeless man on pavement

White android robot using computer and checking software of server equipment in room of modern data center

Medium shot of a female technician recording the interrogation of a criminal

Movement shot back view of man working on space mission in control center. Observing the flight of a satellite in orbit. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Medium, slow motion shot from behind of a hacker with a backpack walking through corporate data center with rows of working rack servers

Members of Group of Seven taking photo against countries flags on international meeting in boardroom

Authority man giving order to launch nuclear bomb and tracking it on digital screen

Woman solves the problem of the customer call center

Crew in a production studio getting people ready to participate in an on stage discussion or interview with cameras in the foreground waiting to shoot

A view of the dusty staircase with cobwebs, silhouette of unrecognizable man in boots goes down the stairs

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