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As an Emmy award nominated filmmaker, emotions and real life are often the focus of Jaime’s storytelling. Using light, color, motion, focus, and composition to capture a specific feeling that often translates into a documentary style reality. Jaime's wo

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - Protestors marching at the People's Climate March, a large-scale activist event to advocate global action against climate change.

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - Protestors pulling a rotating earth at the People's Climate March, a large-scale activist event to advocate global action against climate change.

Man rubbing the joints of his fingers and hand like he is in pain from arthritis - OTS

Upset sad man hugging a woman after getting bad news or mourning the loss of someone while outdoors at a park

Man worships with his head up to the sky and his hands together praying while standing still in the ocean during sunrise or sunset seeking the truth from a higher power, God, the Universe, or the holy spirit.

Confused clueless man in his early 30s raising his arms, shrugging his shoulders and expressing who knows?

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - Large group of mostly young people demonstrating to stop climate change at the People's Climate March

PATZCUARO, MEXICO - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2018 - Volunteer handing out food to grateful indigenous elderly Mexican women

African American woman's hand filling in a voter ballot for a general election and voting

Man investor day trader working on a laptop live trading, buying and selling stocks, cryptocurrencies, or bitcoin - close up

Man removes a plastic bag of trash from a kitchen plastic garbage bin filled with mostly organic food scraps and paper - overhead shot

Thankful man stands in still water of the ocean with hands reaching out towards the sun in a worship pose then moving into a lotus position looking for inspiration at sunrise or sunset with his reflection in the water below him.

Push in of a man feeling ill, sad, or depressed while leaning up against a toilet. He is sitting on the floor with his arms around the porcelain bowl

Dolly shot close up portrait of a young hipster man with a full beard crying and very depressed. A real life emoticon in an outdoor setting with natural lighting and a unique expression.

MORELIA, MEXICO - CIRCA AUGUST 2018 - View of the historic center down the pedestrian street Benito Juarez in Morelia looking at the Cathedral - gimbal stabilized shot

NEW ORLEANS, USA - JULY 22, 2017 - POV of car driving through flooded streets, homes, and intersections during a flash flood in Treme when the city's pumping system is overwhelmed

Junkie fills a syringe with a liquid drug from a spoon such as heroin or opioids

Hand writing the words THANK YOU and underlining them in cursive with a black brush art pen on white paper

Nauseated sick ill woman in 30s vomiting and throwing up in her mouth outside

An approaching storm is causing rough ocean seas and strong winds on an isolated beach with blowing palm trees

Angry Hispanic mom yelling at her teenage daughter who has her fingers in her ears not listening to her advice and what she has to say - gimbal shot

Time lapse of an eerie spooky deserted wooded forest with bare trees and fog - slow push in

Two women expressing disgust and disapproval with negative facial expressions for something

Plastic trash and waste litter an empty beach - handheld tilt up

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - NASDAQ and financial stock news ticker at the Morgan Stanley office headquarters at 1585 Broadway

Plastic bottles littering the coast line of a deserted beach and in the ocean

Two cute well behaved friendly large mixed breed dogs eating a treat out of a hand in slow motion

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - People carrying a large earth down the streets at the People's Climate March, a large-scale activist event to advocate global action against climate change.

Slow motion close up of a man drowning in water - in a swimming pool, lake, or ocean with a high shutter speed

Close up of an attractive woman smiling while sleeping at night having good dreams or a comfortable evenings rest

Sad, frustrated handsome man thinking and looking down in the woods - slow motion low angle

Attractive young couple happily sleeping in their cozy comfortable bed in the early morning - dolly shot

A man commuting on a subway wearing a face mask in public to keep from breathing virus or bacterial particles

Attractive millennial man in 30s with beard laughing out loud during the day near a park

An aging senior balances his checkbook

Man walks up sidewalk entrance to his generic modern middle class suburban house unlocks the front door to the home and goes inside establishing shot

PATZCUARO, MEXICO - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2018 - Elderly woman volunteer handing out food to poor or homeless hispanic people

Sad lonely aging senior man wiping his eyes and looking lonely and bored alone in his home

Man wearing a face mask as a moving subway train goes by in slow motion

A man writes in a spiral bound paper notebook with a pen - dolly shot close up

Young woman taking her temperature with a digital thermometer while blowing her nose, coughing, and lying in bed wearing a bathrobe

Sad, upset, crying young man hugging another man wearing a down vest outdoors

Businessman waiving his finger no and shaking his head looking at the camera suggesting that the viewer not do something silly or stupid

Confident attractive man in early 30s listening and nodding his head yes while looking at the camera

Woman with the chills coughing and blowing her nose in bed with a box of facial tissue on her bathrobe as if she has the flu

Shocked woman expressing her surprise with her mouth open inside during the day

Young woman lying in bed with a headache experiencing sinus pain during an illness such as the common cold, flu, or allergies - dolly shot

Lotus leaves, and pink blossoms blow in the wind against the backdrop of the city skyline of Hanoi along lake Ho Tay in Tay Ho westlake Vietnam with a fisherman fishing in slow motion.

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