10626 Clips Poland

Sad man standing next to the window at home

Shocked man watching something absorbing on his smartphone, steadycam shot

Man looking thoughtful while standing next to the seaside at sunset

Man admires the sunset and feels free, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fp

Woman holding ginger and splits it into two parts

View of girl's beautiful blue eyes which are moving in all directions

Man sitting in the cafe and having problems with his stomach, steadycam shot

View of girl's mouth which is moving during speech

Man drinking water in forest, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fps

Sad woman looking to camera and face reflection on mirror.

Sad man sitting alone in pub at night, steadycam shot

Sad woman traveling alone in the train, steadycam shot

Handsome man sitting outdoor and looking very thoughtful

Businesswomen comforting their friend after being fired from work

Handsome man sitting in the cafe and negates someone's accusation

Sad woman sitting alone in the outdoor cafe and thinking about something

Couple having an argument in the park and irritated boyfriend leaving

Couple having a fight with each other, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fp

Girl scratching her hand with fingernails, steadycam shot

Girl sitting in the outdoor cafe and eating tasty lunch, steadycam shot

View of female's hands moving because of the stress, steadycam shot

Absorbed man watching something on his smartphone, steadycam shot

Surfer surfing on the waves in the sea, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240f

Woman sitting alone and thinking, steadycam shot

Relationship difficulties: arguing couple walking along the street

View of man in checked shirt sitting in the cafe and eating healthy lunch

Cuple having a quarrel and woman leaving the man, steadycam shot, slow motion sh

Couple standing on the beach and fighting with each other, slow motion shot at 2

Friends sitting on the sofa and watching tv at night, steadycam shot

Woman comforting her unhappy friends on the sofa

Teacher sitting in the class and working on computer

Sad woman standing alone on the street at night

heap made from wheat flour, slow motion at 60 fps

Girl looks happy while holding beautiful, expensive necklace

Friends comforting worried girl and talking with her

Handsome man looks worried while sitting in the cafe, steadycam shot

Teacher standing next to the blackboard and thinking

Man sitting back and reading newspaper downstairs

Happy woman going to the window and feels happy, steadycam shot

Hipster girl eating pizza and smiling to the camera in the restaurant

Couple talking on the beach and man comforting his girlfriend, steadycam shot

Angry girl pulling her hair because of some problems, steadycam shot

Businessman having problem in documents.

Handsome man looks absorbed while reading book, close up, steadycam shot

Girl feels sad and crying while speaking with someone on cellphone

Man sitting in the restaurant and eating food

Loaded man lying on the ground and holding bottle of wine, steadycam shot

Young boy coughing and feels unwell while sitting in the dark cafe

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