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Rear view of ranger team walking through a field in slow motion

Zoom out shot of team of surgical care practitioners stitching incision and finishing procedure in dark operating room lit by overhead lights

Zoom in of blue female eye with projection of animated world map. Illustration of global business vision

Male Politician Delivering Speech

Medium shot of female Caucasian news reporter making reportage from the scene

3D motion graphics background with digitally animated financial line graphs running through virtual space with holographic rates and stock market board

Close up shot of young middle eastern businessman in eyeglasses rubbing hands while thinking about something at work

Wide studio shot with white background: happy black businessman in shirt and necktie laughing and celebrating as money falling on him from above

Little schoolboy in white shirt and eyeglasses standing against blackboard with animated chalk drawings of question marks, rubbing his chin and thinking about something

Extreme close up of pressing black keyboard buttons

Beggar sitting in the street waiting for coins

Senior Politician Answering Questions

Assertive Senior Politician at Press Conference

3D animation of space flight through space towards blue nebula; suitable for scientific presentations and sci-fi projects

Digital animation of hologram planet rotating with abstract lines and dots linking network with changing numbers and letters

Light and Darkness

Young Asian business coach explaining scheme on whiteboard and talking with office workers while giving presentation in meeting room

Team of IT professionals sitting at desks in night office and writing programming code on computers

Researchers collecting plant samples and making experiments in infected area

Doctor putting oxygen mask on face of female patient lying in bed in intensive care room, slow motion shot on Sony NEX 700 + Odyssey 7Q

Handheld tracking shot with close up of male university professor writing math formula on chalkboard

Tracking with side view of silhouette of businessman with briefcase talking on mobile phone and walking along hall of building with panoramic windows

Computer generated abstract background with planet forming from glowing dots and rotating against black background

Motion graphics background with blue world currency symbols connected with lines flying through virtual space with animated exchange rates

Tracking with low-section of silhouette of legs of businessman walking along corridor in slow motion

Closeup view from the inside of car of African businessman in eyeglasses looking through car window while riding on backseat

No face template for video editing, slow motion shot of skydiver flying in mid air, with his arms spread and gesturing thumb up looking at camera against green screen background, chroma key

Tracking shot from computer monitors with programming codes to female IT professional discussing something on tablet with male African colleague in the office at night

Someone undergoing a job interview or a answering the questions of the poll by filling the form

Slow motion locked-down rear view of silhouettes of four men in black suits confidently walking away from camera towards exit of parking lot.

Slowmo studio shot of happy businesswoman in shirt standing with spread arms isolated on white background and laughing as money raining on her from above

Close-up of stressed businessman massaging his temples

Outline of woman meditating in mountains near lake at sunset

Holographic human brain rotating in virtual space with light shining from its center

Rear view selective focus shot of man sitting on couch in the living room and switching channels with remote control while watching TV at home

Information Entry

Computer animation of human heart and arteries glowing on black background. 3D visualization of human anatomy

Pan shot of young woman sitting on floor surrounded with different papers and documents with laptop on her knees and working in the late evening

Young beautiful businesswoman waving and speaking to male colleagues from computer screen during web conference in the office

Tracking shot of young Asian doctor in lab coat and glasses sitting at desk in office and talking to female client seen from her back

Genius little schoolboy in white shirt and eyeglasses standing against blackboard with animated chalk drawings of planets and shuttles flying in space, rubbing his chin and thinking

Crane shot of scientists working with solutions and microscope, tablet with image of DNA lying beside

Digitally generated background of human body medical scan with data appearing on green virtual display

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Digitally animated mathematics and physics formulas flying through dark virtual space

Top view of unrecognizable male doctor in gloves looking at MRI scan of brain and gesturing

Smart little schoolboy in white shirt and eyeglasses standing against blackboard with animated chalk drawings of light bulb, rubbing his chin and thinking hard about something

Close up shot of scientist’s hand in rubber gloves holding white laboratory rat, other scientist looking at it

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