17628 Clips Slovenia

AERIAL: Active young couple riding their mountain bikes along a scenic path.

AERIAL Active male tourist rides his mountain bike down grassy hill on sunny day

AERIAL: Flying along sporty couple pedalling their bicycles up a grassy hill.

DRONE: Tourists kayaking down the river flowing through the scenic countryside in picturesque Vietnam. Flying above the murky river flowing past the limestone cliffs and vibrant green rice fields.

AERIAL: Smiling extreme cross country biker celebrates reaching top of the hill.

DRONE: Golden evening sunbeams shine on the mountain biker riding his bicycle.

AERIAL: Excited male cyclist reaches the top of the grassy mountain at sunset.

LENS FLARE: Athletic male tourist speeding downhill on mountain bike at sunset.

AERIAL: Female and male cyclists pedal their bicycles along a scenic trail.

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, MARCH 2018 - CLOSE UP: Bright green lights shine after the cool electric car is fully charged. Close up shot of a modern Tesla vehicle plugged in and charging on a cold winter day

DRONE: Scenic sunrise shines on cross country biker celebrating reaching summit.

AERIAL: Couple riding mountain bikes stops to observe the beautiful valley.

AERIAL: Extreme cross country cyclist speeds along a mountain trail at sunrise.

AERIAL: Flying along a young man riding his bike along a grassy path at sunset.

LENS FLARE: Young man celebrates reaching a viewpoint on his bicycle at sunset.

LENS FLARE: Excited athletic man celebrates reaching top of the hill on bike.

AERIAL: Unrecognizable male backcountry cyclist pumps his fists victoriously.

CLOSE UP: Unrecognizable people on scooters riding through the sunny streets.

DRONE: Sporty young couple hiking in the sunny mountains in beautiful Slovenia.

CLOSE UP: Smiling young woman riding in a taxi through bustling Ho Chi Minh.

CLOSE UP: Heavy traffic moving slowly through the sunny streets of Ho Chi Minh.

AERIAL: Male and female tourists looking around the scenic nature while trekking

AERIAL: Cheerful man and woman hiking up the grassy mountain trail on summer day

AERIAL: Excited Caucasian hiker couple observes the stunning valley below them.

AERIAL: Flying around active man and woman trekking in the sunny mountains.

AERIAL: Sporty male tourist rides his bicycle up a grassy mountain in Slovenia.

CLOSE UP: Female tourist looking at her cell phone while driving in a cab.

TIMELAPSE: Unknown people on motorcycles riding through sunny city in Vietnam

AERIAL: Golden summer sunbeams shine on the young couple hiking around Slovenia.

AERIAL: Flying high above active tourist couple hiking on a sunny summer day

DRONE: Young Caucasian tourist couple looks down at the spectacular valley.

DRONE: Beautiful green landscape surrounds active male tourist riding his bike.

SLOW MOTION Female tourist driving in a taxi and observing the motorbike riders

DRONE: Scenic nature surrounding boyfriend and girlfriend trekking in the summer

AERIAL Cinematic shot of couple hiking along a grassy mountain trail in Slovenia

AERIAL: Flying above an active man riding his bicycle down the grassy mountain.

LENS FLARE: Flying above young tourist couple hiking in the stunning mountains.

LENS FLARE Golden sun rays shine on the man riding his bicycle down the mountain

AERIAL: Flying along mountain biker pedalling his bicycle along the grassy trail

DRONE: Cool biker rides his mountain bike down the grassy hill on a sunny day.

AERIAL: Young man enjoying the summer by riding his bicycle along a scenic trail

AERIAL: Flying over the meadow and mountain cyclist pedalling up a grassy hill.

DRONE: Unrecognizable male and female hiker look around the beautiful valley.

AERIAL: Trekker couple outstretch their arms after reaching the mountain peak.

AERIAL: Flying along young male mountain biking down grassy trail on a sunny day

LENS FLARE: Flying over two tourists celebrating reaching the mountain summit.

LENS FLARE: Athletic male pedals his mountain bicycle up a big grassy hill.

AERIAL: Happy couple kisses in the golden light after hiking up the mountain.

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