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Space Stock Footage provides high quality videos and images for educators and animators to use in their projects. We specialize in space-related footage for sci-fi scenes, documentaries or educational videos on topics including astronomy, astrophysics and

Realistic Planet Earth Reveal

Entering Hyperspace 2

Martian Landscape Three

Global Business and Communications Network - Blue

Planet Earth from Orbit C

Rocket Launching into Space

Eye Zoom To Space Travel

The Big Bang - Creation of the Universe

Global Business and Communications Network - Orange

USA States Combine B

Lunar Landscape - Moon Surface

Universum - Cinematic Slideshow With Free Music Included

Approaching the Planet Jupiter

World Countries Combine B

Bacteria Under a Microscope - Blue

Rocket Launch Seen From Space

Mars From Space with Ship

Mars Sunrise from Orbit

Spaceship Leaving Planet Mars

Martian Landscape One

Earth Weather Timelapse


Animated Shot of the Coronavirus - COVID-19

Nuclear Attack From Orbit

Satellite in Orbit

Planet Earth from Orbit D


Close Animated Shot of the Coronavirus - COVID-19

Spatial Anomaly - Wormhole

Stocks And Shares - Market Trading

Eye Zoom To Big Bang

Indian States Combine A

Sunrise Over Planet Earth

Twinkling Stars for Night Sky Compositing

Asteroid Impact on Planet Earth - Blue

Motion of the Earth Around the Sun

USA Map - States Combine

Science Chalkboard Equations - Green


Animated Seamless Loop of Several Coronavirus Virons with Transparent Background

Asteroid Hurtling Through Space

Futuristic Heads Up Display

Indian States Combine B

Loading and Deleting - Sci-Fi User Interface

Lander Approaching Mars

Icy Moon of Jupiter

United States Business and Data Network - Purple

Spinning Travel Globe with Transparency

Earth From Space A

Approaching the Planet Mars

The Solar System - Planet Sizes to Scale

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