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Space Stock Footage provides high quality videos and images for educators and animators to use in their projects. We specialize in space-related footage for sci-fi scenes, documentaries or educational videos on topics including astronomy, astrophysics and

Realistic Planet Earth Reveal

Close Animated Shot of the Coronavirus - COVID-19

Entering Hyperspace 2

Global Business and Communications Network - Orange

Global Business and Communications Network - Blue

Animated Shot of the Coronavirus - COVID-19

Martian Landscape Three

Rocket Launching into Space

The Big Bang - Creation of the Universe

Planet Earth from Orbit C

Eye Zoom To Space Travel

Animated Seamless Loop of Several Coronavirus Virons with Transparent Background

Lunar Landscape - Moon Surface

Bacteria Under a Microscope - Blue

World Countries Combine B

USA States Combine B

Universum - Cinematic Slideshow With Free Music Included

Approaching the Planet Jupiter

Stocks And Shares - Market Trading

Spaceship Leaving Planet Mars

Rocket Launch Seen From Space

Nuclear Attack From Orbit

Mars From Space with Ship

Satellite in Orbit

Mars Sunrise from Orbit

Martian Landscape One

Planet Earth from Orbit D

The Earth From The Moon 1

Earth Weather Timelapse

Sunrise Over Planet Earth

Indian States Combine A

Spatial Anomaly - Wormhole

USA Map - States Combine

Motion of the Earth Around the Sun

Asteroid Impact on Planet Earth - Blue

Close Shot of the Coronavirus - COVID-19

Animated Seamless Loop of the Coronavirus with Transparent Background

Twinkling Stars for Night Sky Compositing

Fly Through the Clouds - Daytime

Asteroid Hurtling Through Space

Earth From Space A

Science Chalkboard Equations - Green

Cornavirus Virons Approaching Earth From Outer Space

Futuristic Heads Up Display

USA Map Transparent

Lander Approaching Mars

Loading and Deleting - Sci-Fi User Interface

Bacteria Under a Microscope - Black

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