Wavebreak Media

6810 Clips Ireland

Athletes running towards finish line

Judge in super slow motion holding a gavel

Old man with sudden pain in the heart

Teapot pouring tea into a cup

Doctor giving to a child an injection

Man washing his hands

Students sitting at the lecture hall

Little girl looking depressed in front of fighting parents

Doctor and nurses wheeling a patient on his bed

Sad woman sitting on the sofa

close up of a woman having an ankle pain

Doctor and nurses wheeling a patient on his bed

Young brunette having a bellyache

Woman washing her face in slow motion

Family raising their glasses at family dinner

Female pharmacist holding a drug box while smiling

White smoke in super slow motion appearing

Doctor and patient talking

Young student being annoyed by a classmate

Woman washing her face

Patients giving blood

Tired pregnant woman lying on a sofa and touching her belly

White cloth moving

Doctors washing hands

Rain on water

Gavel hitting in super slow motion a sound block

Video tape turning on itself

Doctor injecting liquid in a child arm

People placing their bets on roulette table

Diseased woman having stomach cramps

Chef flambeing peppers in wok

Woman having back pain

Plastic bottles falling in super slow motion into a recycling bin

cauliflower and broccoli

Plate, fork, knife and spoon turning

Stressed woman working at a computer

Nurses driving a patient on his bed

Weighing scales and apple turning on themselves

Cute woman massaging her knee

Woman recycling plastic bottles

Bananas rotating

Dart going in the bullseye

Nurses looking at camera while smiling

Gavel in super slow motion striking a sound block

Red dice falling and bouncing on black background

Doctors with nurses walking

Students in a computer class working

Female doctor talking to woman in a waiting room

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