853 Clips United States

Small suburban home approach dolly shot

Driving by a row of newly constructed homes for sale in an American neighborhood

Shopping cart rolling through the produce section of a grocery store

Walking through a modern American suburban home, entering through the front door, moving through the living room and into the kitchen

Luxury home aerial view fly-over

Under the deep blue sea looking up at surface with light rays breaking through gentle waves. Loopable footage.

Closeup of one man paying another man his debt in cash

Flying over downtown Las Vegas at night with a view of hotels along the Strip.

Red velvet curtain opens to reveal a green screen. Alpha channel included for easy background replacement.

Red velvet stage curtains open to reveal green screen. Png file with alpha channel.

Animated colorful fireworks display celebration theme

American suburban home zooming out, dolly departure shot

Flying over downtown Las Vegas at night with a view of hotels along the Strip.

Flying over a row of houses in an American suburban neighborhood. New construction houses for sale.

Bunch of Australian cattle dog puppies running in a grassy field

Adult male taking prescription medication - closeup of hands pouring pills from a bottle

Golfer on the putting green sinks a short putt

African American family with house for sale

Under the deep blue sea moving forward as if swimming or in a submarine or submersible

Shopping cart moving down a supermarket isle

Sold sign in front of house

Luxury lake house exterior aerial approach and fly-over; 4k footage

Driving through an American suburban neighborhood

Silly old man with googly eyes picking his nose at the end

Flying over an American suburban neighborhood with small craftsman style houses

Time lapse footage of an aerial view fly-over of an American suburban neighborhood; tilt-shift lens effect

Man taking pain killers, closeup of hands pouring pills from bottle

Blue, pink and purple ink cloud forming on white background

Rear view time lapse footage of cars driving on the Las Vegas strip

Approaching a quaint colonial style American suburban home; 4k dolly shot

Macro footage of golden honey being poured in a steady stream

Simple animated loopable EKG heart monitor display. Alpha channel included.

Las Vegas, Nevada / U.S.A. - October 31, 2018: An aerial view of the downtown area known as The Strip with a primary focus on the Luxor Hotel with Mandalay Bay coming into view in the background.

Group of dogs playing in the water at a public beach park

Construction worker on site with building plans, low angle view


Adult male wearing a face mask pushing a shopping cart along a grocery store isle, looking at the empty shelves caused by COVID-19 panic

Lush green leaf wet with rain drops

Red stage curtain opening with alpha channel

Excavator clearing forest land in preparation for a new housing development

Man on a diet wants yummy donuts inside the glass case

Creepy man laughing with missing teeth while wearing a pumpkin helmet for Halloween

Time lapse clock hands rotating over a 12 hour period. Loopable footage.

Aerial view of a suburban home rooftop with solar panels; rising altitude

Time lapse of walking through Las Vegas street at night

Model home sitting on top of a stack of hundred dollar bills; HD footage

Flying over downtown Las Vegas at night with a view of hotels along the Strip.

Golfer on putting green narrowly misses the cup, ending in frustration

Aerial view of American suburban homes, rising jib shot

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