245 Clips United States

Made with apollobots.

Hundred Dollar Bill, Franklin (25fps)

Arc De Triomphe Time-lapse

Radar Blip Screen, Analog (24fps)

Color Bars Data Glitches (24fps)

Star Wars Hyperspace Travel (24fps)

Random Binary Digits, Across Macro LCD

Random Data Digits, LCD Screen

Hollywood Sign Clouds Time-lapse

Bernie on Deptors' Prisons

Pulp Paper Texture

Cinematic Road Trip

Hollywood Sign Clouds Time-lapse, Close

Hundred Dollar Bill Uncut (30fps)

Wiping ON/OFF Countdown (60fps)

Power Plant Pollution Time-lapse


Random Data Digits, Moving LCD Screen

Louvre Pyramid Clouds Time-lapse

10 to 1 Countdown Dashed UX

Crumpled White Paper Texture

Pulp Paper Crumpled Texture

Interstate Highway Semi Truck

Driving Down Open Road


Galaxy Sunshine Stars (30fps)

Fingerprint Database Scan

Galaxy Sunshine Stars (60fps)

Occupy Crowd Passes Through

Milky Way Over Zion

Moon Phases (30ps)

LAPD Officers Watch Protest

Radar Blip Screen, Digital (24fps)

Sperm Generator w/ Alpha (30fps)

Animated PI ? FORMULA Background

Star Wars Hyperspace Travel (30fps)

10 to 1 Countdown with Blue Light Rays (30fps)

Gettysburg Civil War Canon Sunset Time-lapse

Hundred Dollar Bill, Franklin (30fps)

Radio Telescope Storm Clouds

Protest Walks by Police, Wide

Loading Circle Gradient w/ Alpha (30fps)

Notre Dame Clouds Time-lapse

Radio Waves Background, Decay

Eiffel Tower Purple Sky Time-lapse

Stadium Cleanup Time-lapse

Radio Telescope Searches Sky

Fingerprint Database Scan, Textured

W-9 Fed Tax Classification Document

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