2449 Clips Slovenia

VELDEN, AUSTRIA - JUNE 2014: Street show supercars. Very expensive cars driving through town. Red Ferrari in slow motion low angle passing by

Depressed Look On Guys Face Tapping Basketball Ball

High wall of sandbags in flood. House owner puts wall of sandbags around own home.

Car mirror with sunset. Extreme close up of car side mirror when a sun shines through while driving.

Depressed person watching through windows. Person portrait from back while watching through window from inside the house. Lonely old man on chair. Black and white grade.

Moon behind the clouds at night close up.Night shot of cloudy weather and fool moon bright in the sky.

Bottle in sea. Abandoned bottle on sea surface wavy water.

Camera guy setting professional equipment on film set

Professional movie camera on film set

Reading book on sea boat close up. Female person with beautiful hands holding book and reading while traveling with taxi ship on sea to tourism location. Bright sea background.

Flying over house with flooded backyard. Direct above view of homes in water after flooding in Slovenia. Aerial shot.

Extreme Close Up Mixing Colors On Palette

Choosing right gasoline at gas pump 4K. Person looking at correct gasoline pipe for fueling car tank. Choosing diesel.

Overtaking truck on highway in slow motion. Side car windows shot of truck with trailer, passing by.

Cooking Rice for Sushi and Maki-zushi. Professional Asian woman cook preparing sushi and maki-zushi dish from rice and other healthy ingredients.

Businessman Doing Suicide From Bridge

Fly towards dry land over flooded area. Wide aerial shot of flooded area with road bellow and homes in water on a cloudy day. Flying close to electric towers.

Driving Timelapse at Night 4K

Rich Guy Throwing Money in Slow Motion on White Background

Old Pocket Watch Swinging in Slow Motion. Antique pocket clock with hypnosis background.

Meat with potatoes on table.Steam ascending from fresh cooked food with chicken and mashed potatoes.

Aerial of abandoned old house. Wide shot of old abandoned house from 1800'

Farm with barnhouse in flooded water. Aerial shot over farmland with objects in water after flood in Slovenia.

Flying over houses. Flying over suburban houses neighborhood at sunset.

Fueling up thirsty car close up 4K. Female person in trousers and sweater holding gas pump handle waiting to fill up car tank.

Fly over flooded road with houses in background. Wide aerial shot of flooded area with road bellow and homes in water on a cloudy day.

CERKNICA, SLOVENIA - OCTOBER 2014: Television news camera man holding big camera. Different news TV media with reporters and camera guys on terrain working.

VELDEN, AUSTRIA - JUNE 2014: Street show supercars. Very expensive cars driving through town. White Porche passing by

Man Lets Go Red Balloon In To The Blue Sky

Person digs a hole in ground. Male person making a small hole in grass lawn close up.

Brushing teeth close up. Business man in the morning brushing teeth in bathroom.

Steering rudder on a ship close up. Person controlling ship travel with wooden steering wheel made from bright wood.

Flooded houses in village water all around. Aerial shot of whole landscape with houses under water after massive rainfall in Slovenia.

Couple kiss at sea sunset close up.Romantic couple of boy and girl enjoying sunset at sea and kiss with love.

CERKNICA, SLOVENIA - OCTOBER 2014: TV news media doing interview with flood victim. Woman in front of camera explaining to reporters of the flood disaster around their house.

Close Up Man in Suit Reading Letter

Adorable little kitty playing with grown up cat. Long shot of baby cat playing with older black cat mother.

BLAGOVICA, SLOVENIA - MAY 2014: Low Angle Shot of Cars Standing Still on Highway. Traffic Jam on Highway on Slovenia highway because of accident and road redirection.

A lot of steam from soup plate.Close up shot with sun shining through steamy soup served on plate on kitchen table with spoon next to it.

Male mouth eating banana with black peel. Close up of eating banana.

Ascending over flooded farm field. Flying directly over un-plowed farm in flooded water on a sunny day, reflections of sun and clouds.

Young man and woman enjoying sunset at sea.Romantic couple in warm clothes enjoying view on sunset at sea and kissing with love.

Healthy Dish for Eating. Preparing dish with healthy diet food from seeds, dried fruit and some cheese. Professional cooking recipe.

Lantern with candle close up. White lantern with stars and burning candle inside on table outside at night.

Close up on focus pull on film set

Woman driving car over big arrows on road 4K. View over shoulder inside car cabin while female person driving car on road around the corner with GPS device showing route.

Cutting green Lawn Close up

GPS navigation in car with woman driving 4K. Close up on navigation screen showing road to follow. Smartphone navigation device. Female person playing with hair while driving.

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