21319 Clips Russia

The crowd of shadows of people dancing at the concert, slow-motion

Passengers going to boarding with baggage in front of window in airport, silhouette

Syringe needle pierces the rubber stopper of the glass vial.

A hand of man writes text by pen on paper

Rock concert in the night club - lighting show

The crowd of shadows of people dancing at the concert, slow-motion

Flock of birds flying over pink sunset sky background. Historical building

Beautiful Young Couple in Love kiss in a silhouette

Audience - spectators in the concert hall applauding the performance on stage

Bodybuilder training in the gym - young muscular man perform training for biceps, slider shot

A business conference in the hall. People sitting on the chairs and watching the presentation

A man talking on the stage giving a lecture to the audience

People pulls hands up at a rock concert, slow-motion

A conference in the hall. A man talking on the stage and showing the presentation

People in cocktail dresses at party applaud - clapping hands of people on dancing event

Printing Process on polygraph industry - brochures moving on the conveyor belt

Homeless woman sitting on a street and begging for money

Electrician installing energy system on machinery industry

Bartender pouring beer from the bottle into the glass

KAZAN, RUSSIA - 14 JULY 2019: Big crowd of people walking on the streets - diversity of people

White sugar dropping from a conveyor belt

Young man leads the ball on a green field, other players are trying to take away his ball

Wedding Ring Put On Finger Hands Touching Sunset Bride Groom Man Woman Marriage Proposal Vacation Honeymoon

Four musicians from a jazz band play at a concert in a bar

KAZAN, RUSSIA 23-12-18: basketball tournament. aggressive playing

Students in auditorium - listening at conference or presentation, workshop, master class - notes and pens

Stressed man crosses out what is written and throws crumpled paper away from the table. Slow motion

Group of happy teenagers raising hands jumping on sunset

Cosmetology clinic. Specialist pulls out the air of the syringe

NEW YORK, USA- DECEMBER 2017: top view of the spectators of the theater before the performance

Python crawls on the bed in a studio

Students participating in a lecture and taking notes - people writing into their notebooks

Wedding - young couple is dancing in park - groom and bride

A basketball tournament. Throwning a ball in a basketball hoop. The ball gets right in target. Slow motion

A young attractive woman singing in recording studio

Group of school kids performs sports motivational greeting with hands on playground of yard football at sunny day

Bodybuilder performing incline barbell press exercise on a bench in the gym. Close up

Medical clinic. Nurse holding an test tube filled with blood. Close up

Homeless disabled beggar on city street

Skateboarder does kickflip on his board in city street at sunset

New born baby in maternity hospital

Young caucasian religious devoted woman on the bench in Catholic Church

Patient in surgery operating room with medical equipment in a modern hospital

Multilevel warehouse with cardboard boxes arranged on the racks, pharmaceutical production

Large flock of birds flying on the cliff in summer day over the river

An old historical military soviet russia plane flying and performs aerobatics - crash down, slow motion

A session at the psychologist. The doctor listening to her patient

A man talking on the stage giving a lecture to the audience holding a microphone

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