2141 Clips Kenya

I am a zoologist by training and have been working as a professional safari guide for 25 years. now i am a wildlife videographer and a producer of children wildlife comedy for a local television station. all my footages are wildlife or nature related.

A Hippo Opens Her Mouth And Faces Camera To Protect Her Baby

A Pride Of Lions Follow Their Pride Leader Into The Plains

A Warthog Is Grazing Without Knowing A Lion Is Watching Behind Her

A Violent Fight Of Two Male Antelopes

A Hippo With A Very Small Baby Walking On Dry Land

A Baby Zebra Makes The First Step Of Faith

Lions Approaching The Camera On A Bushroad

A Lion Sleeps Next To His Kill Much Bigger Than Him

A Lappet Faced Vulture Eating A Dikdik

A Hippo Mother Walks Her Baby Into The Water From Dry Land

A Lost Calf In The Plains Being Eaten By A Lion

Face Of A Lion Eating A Hippo

A Stalemate Between A Lion And A Warthog

A Zebra Gives Birth To A Young One And Drops The Afterbirth

Lionesses And Their Cubs Follow A Road In The Bush

Extreme Close Up Of The Face Of A Lion Looking Sideways

A Baby Hippo Resting His Head On His Mother

A Newly Born Zebra Stands Up For The First Time

An Elephant Ignores A Crocodile Swimming Right Behind Him

Three Musketeers Lionesses Walking Together In The Bush

A Vulture Eating While An Eagle Watches And Flies Away

A Medium Shot Of A Lioness Sleeping Upside Down

Tired Antelopes Pushing Each Other After Fighting For Long

A Mother Lion Walks Her Baby Through Tall Grass

Elephants Trying To Shade Under A Lonely Tree In The Plains

Spotted Stone Curlew Bird Preening Herself

A Male Lion Eating A Hippo While A Hyena Passes In The Background

A Mother Zebra Forms A Shade For Her Sleeping Baby With Her Body

Lionesses Stop And Wait For Smaller Cubs To Catch Up

One Giraffe Watches As Zebras Get Into The River While Another Leads Them Out

Red Billed Oxpeckers Grooming The Skin Of A Buffaloe

A Large Bird Displaying Breeding Impressions In The Plains

A Hyena Tries To Eat A Hippo While The Lion Is Away But Is Afraid

A Pride Of Lions Including Cubs Walking In The Plains Of Mara

A Snake Poops And Leaves Green Slimy Mess Behind Him

A Bull Elephant Blocks A Bush Road Leaving No Space For Escape

Many Lions With Cubs Walk Through The Plains Of Mara

A Lion With Pink Lips From Blood Of A Domestic Cow He Is Eating

Fighting Antelopes Poses To Breath And Then Continue Fighting

An Angry Elephant Makes The Move To Attack A Cameraman

A Baboon Approaches A Dead Gazelle And Quickly Walks Away

A Kori Bustard Bird Puffs Up His Neck In A Nuptial Display

A Bird Reminds An Antelope To Hear No Evil See No Evil And Talk No Evil

A Hippo Opens Her Mouth In A Wide Yawn

A Baboon Smells A Dead Gazelle And Is Scared Off The Site

A Group Of Juvenile Baboons Is Clearly Fascinated By A Dead Body Of A Gazelle

A Hippo Mother Gets Angry And Smacks Her Lips To Show Anger

The Rear End Of Lions Moving Along A Road In The Bush

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