1658 Clips Russia

Businesswoman Analyzes Report

Crowd of people. Green screen

Guy Dancing Hip-Hop Green Screen

Extreme close-up of a green eye of a girl

Go-Go Dancers. Green screen

A girl using credit card on-line

Timelapse of Office Clocks/Timelapse of office clock showing 9

Analysis of Financial Statements/Businesswoman performs analysis of financial statements. Close up

Crazy Dance on Green Screen

Emotions Closeup: Anger, Rage, Nervously Clenched Fist/Businessman nervously clenches his fist, then puts it behind his back. We can see that he is really stressed and nervous

Extreme close-up of a green eye of a girl/ Extreme close-up of a green eye of a girl, Rapid

Hotel's Room is Ready to Receive a Guest/We can see a panorama of empty hotel room. He is ready to receive a new guest

Late in the Evening in the Office/You can see young man (student, freelancer, graphic designer or creative copywriter, manager) working in agency office

Samara, Russia - 06.17.2018: Costa-Rica Football Fans (FIFA World Cup 2018) Match Costa-Rica VS Serbia

People dancing different styles against green screen. 

Stadium Crowd, These people are real, shot on green screen

Dancing in the Confetti. Happy young women dancing energetically at a nightclub. It can be a New Year Party, or Birthday Party, as confetti are flying all around them

Hand signing up with a pan and stamping 

Sprouts of Spring Grass, Dolly shot

Businessman Approves the Budget

Hands at a Party in Slow Motion. Put your hands in the air! Friends having fun at a party or concert, a festival. They hold hands above their heads, cheering the performer. Slow motion shot

Girls Dancing with Glasses of Champagne. Girls Party in the nightclub. Girls are dancing, they hold glasses in their hands. Shot in Slow motion

Beautiful young woman dancing against green screen

Selfie Time at a Nightclub. Young woman taking selfie while dancing. Slow motion. She's happy and cheerful

Extreme close-up of a cat's eye

Young Blogger at Work Typing her New Post. Young woman types a new post in her blog using her computer. She's in her home office. She wears trendy sweater

Timelapse of Clocks Showing Nine. Timelapse of clocks showing 9 o'clock. Breat wooden background for your text

Summer girl in sunglasses dancing

Happy New Year. Young people are firing bengal lights at a nightclub. They are celebrating New Year and Christmas

Beautiful young woman dancing against green screen

Handshake of Two Businessman - is the Completion of the Transaction

Businessman Solving Complex Business Problems

Young Woman Dancing with her Friends at a Nightclub. Young woman dances energetically at a higntclub. She's dancing with her friends. She's well dressed and very happy

Ambulance on the road

Young Woman Procrastinates Scrolling her Smartphone. Young woman yawns while scrolling her social media feed. She procrastinates, and doesn't start to work at her freelance project

Beautiful Woman Dancing Against Green Screen

Businessman Went Bankrupt

Dancing on Green Screen, slim girl in a short dress dances energetically on green screen, 2 shots combined, shot on RED

Crane shot: Timelapse of a student doing homework

Bikini Dance on Green Screen, Slim girl in bikini wearing high-heeled shoes dances energetically on green screen. 2 shots combined. Shot on RED

Businessman nervously clenched his fists and kill it for a spin. Close up

Fireworks Against a Night Sky

Crowd of people. Artistic background

Cabinet Maker Planes Solid Wood in his Workshop/ Cabinet maker planes the beech plank with a plane. He works in a small family joiner’s shop

Beautiful Germain Fan Taking Selfie Near the Stadium. Pretty football fan cheering her favourite football team's flag while taking selfie. GoPro Ultra HD quality

Go-Go Dancers. Green screen

Girls Clink Glasses of Champagne. Girls are celebrating something. It can be their friend's Birthday, or New Year, or a succesfull project if they are colleagues.. They are happy and cheerful. They have glasses of champagne in their hands

Bachelor's Party at a Nightclub. Guys are talking and drinking whisky at a nightclub. One of them is going to marry soon

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