1848 Clips Netherlands

Specialized in 3D and 2D animation, footage and 3D modeling. I've been busy in the audiovisual industry since 2000. During the first years I worked for Dutch public broadcasting. My job concentrated on administration of TV broadcasting processes and Vide

Animated tomb with old wallpaintings in ancient Egypt 4K

Euro money fall from animated real buildings 4K

Paper dollar money fall from the blue sky 4K

Apocalyptic city with highway

Animation of the solar system

Full moon and city by night with green screen

Animated sun, moon and earth globes. Eclips in cosmic scene. 3D rendering 4K

Animated pharaoh tomb in ancient Egypt with closing doors. 3D rendering

Opening a door with green screen 4K

Animated long DNA strand. Loop-able 4K

The planets in the solar system

Video wall panorama perspective

Animated blueprint of virtual growing city 4K

Animated pharaoh tomb in ancient Egypt 4K

Bar chart downtrend

Animation of an interior of an UFO with aliens. Loop-able 4K

Animation of a robot in a futuristic medical facility

Greek pillars in cosmic scene

Animated growing ancient archeology of Egypt. 4K

Hotspots world map

Animation of ancient architecture in a city of Egypt. 4K

Animation of Dome of the Rock clouds timelapse in Jerusalem

Ancient Egypt animated scenic bird's eye view. 4K

Animated video wall, rotating with green screen 4K

Asteroids and a planet 3d animation

Jupiter and moons in space landscape

Animated DNA strands. Loop-able 4K

UFO flying above earth

Rotating mystic golden zodiac horoscope symbol with twelve planets in cosmic scene. 4K

Great travel through ancient archeology of Egypt. 4K

360VR Videowall with many images on screen

Spaceship take off from Mars colony

Giza platform Egypt. An animation from above 4K

Animated video wall, expanding with green screen 4K

Space travel along planets in the solar system

Animation of the Sphinx at the Giza platform, Egypt 4K

Growing liquid molecule bubbles 4K

Wild herbs at natural park Cevennes, France

Animation of genetic DNA. Loop-able 4K

City by night with green screen

Old film black and white with dust and scratches

Animated loop-able rotating film reels. Black and blue 4K

Blueprint of virtual growing city 4K

Jupiter and moons alligned in space

Holy statue of Mary with candles

Animated video wall with flags of many nations. Loop-able 4K

Animated video wall with many small icons popping up with green screen. 3D rendering. 4K

Animated distorted monitor screen with robot in sci fi style. Loop-able. 3d rendering

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