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I am a professional film producer/photographer based out of Heber City, Utah. My film resume can be found [link]http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3139821/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 HERE[/link]. When not filming feature films or shooting stock footage, I fill my time with

Police Vehicle Emergency Lights Flashing At Night At An Accident Scene

Ultrasound Of Baby Boy In A Mothers Womb

Aerial above the beautiful clouds in morning sun

Huge Forest Fire Burning Trees on Mountain

People Riding On A Bumpy Commercial Airline In Their Seats

American Flag slow motion

Aerial descending shot of a beautiful ocean sunset above sea

A man looking at final notice foreclosure letter from bank

Aerial high shot of cars on roads in city suburbs

People Riding On Bumpy Commercial Airline In Their Seats With Turbulence

Slow motion of a dolly shot of a pile of .22 ammunition bullets

Cool Shot Of A Red Fox Pouncing On Mice In Field During Sunset

Aerial Travelling Shot Of Blue Iceberg Floating In Ocean

Editorial crews placing solar panels on a roof of a house

A Large Flock Of Sheep In A Field

A Newborn Baby Girl Getting A Bath In The Hospital

A Nurse Putting An Iv Into A Womans Arm To Get Blood At The Hospital

People Ride On A Bumpy Airplane Out Of Focus

Car Accident at Night

Beautiful Puffins On An Island In Newfoundland

Aerial Beautiful High Shot Of Rapids And Wilderness Trees

Lion walking in water Okavango Delta

blue water lake in jiuzhaigou valley national park in china dolly shot

hand pours a bottle of beer

A Dolly Shot Of Woman In Labor Prepares To Give Birth In Hospital Bed

A aerial shot of beautiful desert cliffs and sunset landscape

Aerial shot of road in beautiful desert burr trail canyon

Timelapse Of Amazing Desert Canyon Stars Rotating In The Night

Aerial Wild Ocean Waves Crashing On Rocky Coast Static

A Beautiful Tall Iceberg Floats In Arctic Blue Cold Water At Twillingate

A timelapse of crews placing solar panels on the roof of a house

Aerial Wild Ocean Waves Crash On Rocky Coast Rotating

incredible great wall of china beijing mutianyu with tourists

Huge Forest Fire Burning on the Mountain

Man hits snooze on alarm clock

Slow Motion Shot Of Cool Honey Bees Working On Their Hive

A man barbecues ribs and steak for summer party

Aerial shot of large mining pit and industrial plant

Man Lying On The Floor After Prescription Drug Overdose

Water droplets on colorful leafs of a tree during storm

Slow Motion Of Large Scary Sharks Swimming In Salt Aquarium

Aerial shot of the tops of a pine tree forest and fields

Terracotta warriors at the museum

Aerial shot of a calm ocean water and rocky cape breton coast

Aerial clip flying next to cliff edge in southern Utah

Little dog on a bed dolly shot

High aerial shot of a large coal power plant smoke stack

People Riding On The Public City Bus With His Family

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