8009 Clips Poland

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky

Sad, desperate woman walking by window at home at night, super slow motion

Sad, desperate woman standing by window at home during sunset, super slow motion

Sad woman having headache by table at home

Sad, unhappy man sitting on bed close to the window during night

Silhouette of tired businesswoman having headache sitting at office desk

Face of young pensive man in the city at night

Senior man gets stomach ache standing in the kitchen

Sad, unhappy man looking by window at home, 4K

Sad man sitting on the stairs in the city

Young pensive woman looking at cityscape in the evening lights HD

Young couple having relationship difficulties at home, woman covering ears super slow motion

Silhouette of woman unveil curtains and admire city form the window, super slow motion

Successful, happy businessman throwing money in the office, super slow motion 240fps

Young couple having relationship difficulties during night

Sad, desperate businessman standing by window in the office,

Sad businessman sitting on armchair and talking with therapist

Sad beautiful woman sitting during therapy at psychologist

Sad, worried man looking by the window during night

Young angry couple arguing in outdoor cafe in park.

Sad, overwhelmed student sitting with books by table at home

Sad, unhappy man sitting by window during night, 4K

Beautiful, sad woman sitting in a cafe

Sad, unhappy woman standing close to the window with city view, 240fps

Young, sleepy businessman sitting on armchair by the window

Young couple fighting, arguing at their new home

Attractive young couple arguing at home

Young man looking bt the window at the city, super slow motion

face of beautiful, sad woman

Couple break up, man going away with suitcase, super slow motion

Young man gets stomach ache during breakfast at home, 4k

Sad, shocked businessman working on laptop by table at home, 4K

Man in balaclava stealing painting from someone`s house

Attractive young couple arguing in the kitchen

Young couple meditating on the beach during sunset, 4K

Young couple fighting, arguing in bedroom with city view

Afraid, scared woman running through street in the city, super slow motion

Bored, young businessman sitting by table in the office, 4K

Sad, depressed man standing on the balcony

Sad, unhappy couple sitting on bed at home

Young businesswoman getting rebuke from boss in the office

Young tired woman having shoulder pain after exercises at home

Sick man coughing in the winter, super slow motion

Sad, serious woman in mask looking at camera in the city

Young couple fighting during therapy at psychologist

sad, depressed couple in the bedroom

Tired businessman with laptop yawning in the office

Young businesswoman watching movie at home

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