8009 Clips Poland

Woman having headache and taking pill sitting on sofa at home

Happy businesswoman throwing money sitting by window in the office, super slow motion

Young couple fighting, arguing at their new home

Businesswoman writing notes in documents sitting in cafe

Young man thinking about resolution in the kitchen

Young, beautiful woman suffering from stomach ache in the restaurant

Young man sleeping on bed at home

Angry, young woman throwing away clothes her man from terrace, slow motion

Wife comforting her sad, depressed husband in the bedroom

Young man meditating by the window at home, super slow motion

Bored businessman sitting by table at home, 4K

Silhouette of businesspeople making deal and shaking hands during sunset, super slow motion

Silhouette of businessman dressing up suit jacket in front of the window in the office, 4K

Young, busy businesswoman working by table in the office, 4K

Young, pretty woman having headache in cafe

Tired businessman having headache sitting at office desk

Young woman measuring belly before a mirror

Sad, unhappy businessman walking by window

Woman comforting her sad friend on wooden sofa at terrace

Beautiful, sad woman sitting in a cafe

Silhouette of happy woman raising arms on the beach during sunset super slow motion

Young, beautiful woman meditating yoga at terrace

Pouring olive oil on fresh vegetable salad in bowl

Silhouette of drunk man drinking wine on armchair by the window

sad man sitting alone in the cafe

Happy excited man turning round on the beach during sunset, super slow motion

Boss with tablet yelling at businesswoman by the table in the office

Young couple fighting on terrace during night, man walking away

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky, 4K

Young woman gets stomach ache during breakfast in cafe, 4K

Sick businesswoman blowing his nose in the tissue by table at home

Young man gets stomach ache during lunch in cafe

Senior, worried woman checking wrinkles on her face, in front of the mirror

Young, beautiful woman checking her face in the mirror in bathroom, 4K

Young man wake up and walking on terrace in the morning, super slow motion

Young, attractive woman checking clothes at shop during sales, 4K

Young businessman comforting sad, overwhelmed businesswoman sitting on the stairs in the city

Couple fighting, woman throwing out her husband clothes from terrace, super slow motion 240fps

Young woman sitting with smartphone in her home when man in balaclava attack her

Sick young businessman blowing his nose in the office

Young woman doing breathing exercises at home

Young couple fighting, arguing by table at home, man using smartphone, 4K

Happy businessman relaxing on armchair at home

Young, happy woman counting and throwing money by window at home, super slow motion

Sleepy, young woman yawning and drink by table in the kitchen

Young couple fighting, arguing on terraceYoung couple fighting, arguing on terrace

Sad, worried man looking by the window during night, 4K

Young female doctor explain surgery using model of stomach

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