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We specialize in medical, business, vintage inspired and lifestyle concepts, mostly studio actor released clips, landscape and location shots also available. If you need a special concept please contact us. We use the Canon C200 4k, the C300 production

Coronavirus Mobile Testing Station Pov Shot

rack focus from virus to lab tech with Wuhan Coronavirus virus

lab tech with sample of Wuhan Coronavirus virus

man thinking about some bad news

Closeup Virologist In Hazardous Lab Using A Microscope 4 K

lab tech picks up a vial of covid19 vaccine from a tray

macro of a man washing his hands 4k

man outside bad news

Doctor writing on a chart dolly movement

closeup lab tech with sample of Wuhan Coronavirus virus

slow motion macro of man washing hands

lawyer working in his modern office focus on scales of justice 4k

closeup of a friend holding her elderly friends hand in the hospital

Scientist writing on the clear board

pan john 16 in bible

Doctor Going Over Charts With Nurse Close Shot 4 K

man using hand sanitizer

ambulance lights

slow motion orange and white butterfly collecting nectar from a flower

coronavirus mobile testing station tech walks toward camera

Signs of stress and worry for businessman at his desk

coronavirus testing lab with a patient

lab science montage

push in to lab tech with Wuhan Coronavirus virus

water coming from a shower head

closeup of woman doctor checking an xray on a tablet pc 4k

shark swimming in a large aquarium 4k

Hospitalized elderly woman attached to a device to help her breathe

closeup of nurse using a tablet pc

man having a bad time sleeping

Er Nurse Working On A Coronavirus Patient Focus On Monitor

closeup businessman opening folder and writing on legal documents

neighbors walking on the sidewalk practices social distance

closeup doctor looking in microscope

tuning the old radio

pull back from virus to lab tech with Wuhan Coronavirus virus

person picking up bible from chair

lab tech holding a vial placing a chemical using a pipette

closeup of a business phone while man uses it

scientist thinking

dolly Female laboratory scientist working with a microscope 4k

wide shot 1700s man writing with quill pen by candle light

Swinging ornaments on a Christmas tree

Laboratory Hazmat Tech In A Emergency Tent 4 K

businessman making notes on a legal document

Push In From Testubes And Microscope To Display Of Wuhan Coronavirus Virus

cdc or biohazad lab technician looking at a sample

a woman spreading flu in the office

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