5207 Clips Ukraine

Marry Me Today And Everyday. Newlywed Couple Holding Hands, Shot In Slow Motion

Portrait of a sleeping woman, young handsome female in her 20s is resting in a bed.

Caucasian speaker teaching at international conference, panning shot

Thoughtful stylish brunette businesswoman looking away with chin resting on her hands in office

Three cute kittens walking on the grass.

Handsome young serious man thinking about his life , while staying all alone on the windy beach.

Caucasian speaker teaching at international conference, panning shot

Close-up of female hand holding a pencil and writing some research notes in the appointment book

Beautiful young woman posing in shirt with book at sunrise window, close-up

Businessman signing a contract. Signature is fake

Business chart is placed on the table.

Young woman is sleeping in a cosy bed and then awakes and starts to use her mobile device.

Hand holding TV remote control and changing channels on television.

gold wedding rings and hands of just married couple Close up on hand of a man put on an engagement ring on the finger of the bride ,Shot on RED Digital Cinema Camera in 4K

Two business partner shake hands when meeting. In slow motion

Close up young woman using smart phone in the cafe. Attractive woman using cell phone, scrolling up contacts. Side view. Slow motion. Drinking coffee

Young woman taking out fruit from the fridge. Healthy Eating Concept. Diet. Beautiful Young Woman near the Refrigerator with healthy food. Fruits and Vegetables in a Fridge

Attractive young woman with beautiful blue eyes thinking about something very important for her work at home.

Close up of a woman hand writing in an agenda on a desk at home or office

Credit Card Debit Card Smart Card. Macro tracking shot over bank card number

Close-up male hands scrolling screen on smartphone. Person using calendar app on the mobile device.

Caucasian speaker teaching at international conference, panning shot

Amazing Aerial Views of Shanghai

Young woman using smart phone in the cafe. Attractive woman using cell phone, social network. Side view. Slow motion. Drinking coffee

Close-up footage of a dozen of brown eggs in a wooden basket spinning around.

people, technology and entertainment concept - smiling man with tv remote control at home

Attractive young handsome man walking on the street and posing on camera.

Young beautiful woman watching video on tablet with green screen in the cafe. Close-up. Chroma key. Greenscreen

Close video of attractive young woman in glasses and blue shirt watching video on tablet computer in cafe, view through the window

Adorable man smiling on camera.

Close-up of two women looking photos in social network on smartphones in the cafe. Back view. Hands scrolling photos

4K Close up of hand holding a smartphone with green screen display at underground train station. Shot on RED Epic.

Inspired beautiful brunette business woman wearing white shirt and glasses with pencil at lips thinking looking up and writing in notebook at office

Little girl coughing at home

Blurred footage with young attractive people dancing in a nightclub.

Top view of pretty brunette young woman writing in diary and listening to music from smartphone

Tired lady sitting far from boyfriend.

Green eyes of an old man.

Microphone on the Stand is Standing on the Stage, Close-Up Microphone on the Background of the Auditorium, Spotlight, Backlight People Gather in the Hall and Sit on Seats, Waiting For Performances 4k

European banknotes, Euro currency from Europe, Euros.

Writing formula on whiteboard

Beautiful girl opens curtains on big window and let the light in the room. Looking out the window. Slow motion video

Amazing Aerial Views of Shanghai

Business success - Celebrating businesswoman walking near the city center high-rises.

Back view listeners sitting in large a hall with blue stage

Great TV show. Handsome cheerful young man holding remote control and watching TV while sitting on the couch at home

Blurred footage of crazy crowded party with people dancing on the dancefloor, waving their hands, feeling awesome. Attractive male and female silhouettes reveals in strobe light rays.

Red wine poured into glass

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