342 Clips Ukraine

Seagulls flying in the sky in winter

Close-up of female hand holding maki roll with chopsticks

Dirty sea water with floating debris

Close-up of female legs in black shoes climbing the stairs

Flock of seagulls flying over the sea at sunset in slow motion

Seagulls catching food in the sky over the sea with the waves

Homeless white and gray cat eats dry food on the street, close-up

Women's hands cut a slice of pizza and put it on a plate

Water flows into the drain hole outdoors

Female hand touches the trunk of a tree, slow motion

Woman looking for the car keys in her purse. In the background is the vehicle.

Female hand touches sea water on the beach

Bicycle wheel rotates against the backdrop of the sea and the beach in slow motion

Close-up of a tree with green leaves and sunlight

Low angle shot of seagulls in the sky to catch food

Harvested chestnuts in female hands

Girl on the beach writing in a notebook with red felt-tip pen task "Be happy". Concept, outdoors, evening.

Girl drinks cold iced coffee with a straw in a summer cafe, slow motion

Seagulls catches food in the sky on a clear day, slow motion, view from below

Woman sitting at a table and using a mobile phone with a touch-screen close-up. Female hands holding smart phone, low angle shooting.

Rain drops falling on a flat roof in the summer

Female hands typing on keyboard

Close-up of female hands holding a mobile phone and photographing the sea and beach

Seagulls flying over the sea before dawn

Young woman in jeans and a T-shirt is walking around the city in summer

Low angle shot of waves from the beach

Young brunette with a skipping rope in the early morning on the beach

Discarded cigarette butt in the rain

Woman in jeans and t-shirt stands in the evening against the backdrop of the sea port

Young woman in cafe eating sushi with chopsticks

Young curly brunette in a yellow T-shirt with a backpack walking along the pier, stops at the edge and looks at the sea

Close-up of a bicycle wheel traveling on the road in the summer

Close-up of a woman in a cafe drinking coffee with milk and ice

Clouds over the pier and the sea

Bicycle wheel rotates against the blue sky in slow motion

Rain drops falling on the sidewalk in the summer

Girl on the beach in the evening writing in a notebook with red felt-tip pen inscription "I am happy" and draws a smiley face

Burning gas stove in the kitchen

Woman feeding seagulls at the beach in winter

Woman throws food to the seagulls in the sky, slow motion, low angle shooting

Close-up of a woman in a cafe drinking juice with a straw

Young woman sitting at a table in a cafe and using a mobile phone. Pink smart phone in female hands with bright manicure.

Woman on a city bike rides on the road

Sparkler burns in the sand on the beach on sea background

The trunk of the tree and the setting sun

Brown tabby cat lying on the windowsill in summer

Woman in pullover holding a smart phone in hands with white manicure on a background of green grass

Woman walks in the park and stopped to get a mobile phone from her purse. Girl uses a smart phone outdoors in summer.

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